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Bike Trail

Bike trail leads eastward from Rateče to Mojstrana and is signposted. From Rateče to Kranjska Gora it follows the ex- railway line, is asphalted, and runs through quite natural surrounding, away from the main road traffic. On the way to Kranjska Gora you can have a rest and get some refreshments. The track then leads you past the chair-lifts through Kranjska Gora where you can admire many places of important cultural heritage ie. Liznjek 's house- local museum, a very old church with the square in front of it, interesting old houses etc. Kranjska gora itself offers a great variety of good restaurants, pubs and inns. Ther trail ends at Gozd Martuljek, some 3 km from Kranjska Gora. Westward the bike trail continues past the Italian border (ID documents needed) right to the Mangart Lakes.


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